Heat treatment

Ferro-Titanit® can be hardened with very little distortion. Consequently, the dimensional change is extremely slight.

In the case of Ferro-Titanit C-Spezial, hardening and tempering causes the initial dimensions to increase. The volumes of the Ferro-Titanit WFN and Ferro-Titanit S grades are reduced as a result of the formation of residual austenite. After hardening, an increase in the volumes of these grades can be achieved by intense cooling in liquid nitrogen. The dimensional changes are always less than 0.1%. Machining in as-delivered, annealed condition can thus come very close to the nominal size, meaning that reworking in hardened condition need only amount to a few hundredths of a millimetre. The prerequisite in this context is that the hardening treatment to obtain the optimum service properties is preferably performed in a vacuum furnace.

Further details regarding heat treatment can be found in the Material Data Sheets.

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