Owing to the high carbide content and great hardness of titanium carbide, it is obvious that special attention has to paid to the grinding process. In this context, it is of decisive importance whether the carbides are in a soft-annealed or a hardened steel binder phase. Grinding in the hardened condition leads to substantially greater grinding wheel wear. Corundum wheels with a ceramic bond, a porous structure and a fine grit size have proven successful. Contact the grinding wheel manufacturer if you have any special questions. Diamond wheels made of plastic-bonded, nickel-coated synthetic diamonds with a concentration of 75 c – 100 c and a diamond grit size of D 107 – D 151 are particularly recommended for finish-grinding Ferro-Titanit® in hardened condition.

The following important rules must be observed when grinding:

    • Grind with a powerful, rinsing coolant jet, directed as closely as possible to the point of contact between wheel and workpiece;
    • Select the lowest possible infeed.