Increasing demands on tools or machine components require material properties that can only be met by metal matrix composites. The so-called Ferro-Titanit® materials can be assigned exactly to this material group.

Highly wear-resistant, lightweight, machinable and hardenable

Ferro-Titanit® is a brand of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke for high-alloyed, machinable and hardenable steels produced by powder metallurgy. The materials combine the properties of steel and cemented carbide and are highly resistant to wear.

Ferro-Titanit® has a titanium carbide content of roughly 45% by volume, embedded in an alloyed steel binder phase.

Machining & Applications

This carbide-alloyed material can be machined by the familiar methods in as-delivered condition. When heat-treated (up to 70 HRC), Ferro-Titanit® can be used economically to solve numerous wear problems.

Due to its properties Ferro-Titanit is suitable for the following applications:

  • Metalworking
  • Plastics processing
  • Chemical plants
  • Pumps and fittings
  • Special applications